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Taking out the garbage

When you take out a garbage bag to put it in the garbage container on Nørre Allé, please put it in the correct container. The garbage containers are located next to the bike stands. On this map, it's the red circle:

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The correct container is the one designated “Forbrændingsegnet affald” (translation: “garbage suited for burning”).

This is the crux of what you need to know. If you feel like getting to know the process much, much better, you can follow the adventure transcript below.

Garbage: An Adventure

Greetings adventurer! Only few have the courage to embark on the Canteen adventure of taking out the garbage. The Canteen Association values your willingness to learn through this noninteractive adventure.

Your expected input is enclosed in the > do something lines.

You are standing in the kitchen in the canteen drinking coffee, not in any hurry to do anything, really. Maybe work on that assignment, but not… not now.

There is a full garbage bag here.

There is a roll of empty garbage bags here.

There are two exits.

> walk away

You consider the concept of simply ignoring the full garbage bag, but it seems somewhat wrong.

> get bag

You pick up the garbage bag.

> close garbage bag

You successfully tie a knot on the garbage bag.

> inventory

You are carrying:

  • A closed garbage bag

> exit

Although you do look forward to getting outside with your garbage bag, you realize that your fellow students would prefer that you don't leave an empty garbage bin.

> get garbage bag roll

You pick up the empty garbage bag roll.

> take empty garbage bag

You delicately extract an empty garbage bag from your roll of empty garbage bags.

> examine garbage bag

The empty garbage bag is surprisingly empty.

> place garbage bag on garbage bin

You study your work. The garbage bag fits nicely on the garbage bin. You find the very setup to be beautiful.

> put garbage bag roll back

You put the roll of the remaining empty garbage bags back.

> inventory

You are carrying:

  • A closed garbage bag

> exit

You carry your garbage bag down the stairs and exit towards Nørre Allé.

You are outside DIKU. The brisk wind rattles the garbage bag.

You can walk forward or backward.

> walk forward

You walk on and turn right towards the containers.

There is a container to your left.

> examine container

The container has the text “Stort brændbart” (direct translation: “large objects that are burnable”) written on it.

You philosophise over the meaning. Your garbage bag is fairly large, but it consists mostly of small things. Whatever action will you choose?

> put garbage bag in “Stort brændbart” container

You open the container and tighten your grip. Just before letting go of the garbage bag, a wise fellow pops out of nowhere and articulates a well-formed message explaining that your garbage bag does indeed not belong in “Stort brændbart”. You keep the bag.

> walk forward

You walk on.

There is a container to your left.

There is a container directly in front of you.

There is a container to your right.

> examine left container

Your eyes notice the shining metal present in the left container. Its label says “Jern og metal”.

> examine right container

The right container has “Pap” written on it.

> examine middle container

In front of you is a container with a sign on it. “Forbrændingsegnet affald”, it says.

> put garbage bag in “Forbrændingsegnet affald” container

You take a final look on your old friend, the black garbage bag. You then open the container and lightly throw the bag inside.

You have completed this noninteractive text adventure. You got 100 out of 100 points. Congratulations, and thank you!

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